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Birthdate:Mar 17
Location:Ontario, Canada
Website:Rock For Choice Ottawa
Get off the internet!
(I'll meet you in the street)
Get off the internet!
(destroy the right wing)

- Le Tigre

Who am I?

I used to be more of a compulsive doer of crafts and organizer of events but now I'm quieter and I love to spend my time at home (or traveling to your home?) with a few good people and a few good projects. I moderate the knit_in_public community and queerottawa. I believe that making things is a revolutionary act. I believe that being happy is a revolutionary act. I believe that speaking up about your feelings is a revolutionary act. I am in love with people who love art and with people who love people. I love blasphemous wind-up toys, ignored type-os, eating frozen waffles while they are still frozen, queers who love themselves, cuddling other peoples’ dogs, crying when I need to, having lots of dishes, knitting in public, telling telemarketers that I am a lesbian (it's fun for shock value, and it's political), decorating my space, and surprising people with my hidden skills.
I also like squirrels and umeboshi venegar. (But not together!)

I really like the book Health Care Without Shame and I think you should read it. It's now kindly available free online.

My next adventure will be integrating myself into student life in a new city, after 8 years away from higher education. This time, I feel like things are on track and I'm really excited to dive in even if it means that I'll be busy, stressed and kinda poor. I'll be studying a pro-choice feminist health care modality. Finally!

I hate inter-personal drama. LJ drama is fun to watch, sometimes, but I opt out of the equivalent in my own life. I screen my comments on all public posts, and I don't bother commenting on volatile issues online bacuse I think there is better work to do in the real world and I want to save my energy for it.

I'm a really calm person and I like being with people who are comfortable *not* talking as much as they are comfortable sharing what's important to them. I also like to cackle and laugh with people, especially with those who appreciate it when I'm dancing in the car. I love to wrestle in the dirt, and I love to look pretty in expensive high heels. I'm told that I appear both fragile and macho at the same time. I don’t like vacuuming and I generally don’t like meeting new people unless they’re already a friend of a friend. If you are too optimistic, I will be suspicious of you as I prefer to make intimate frienships with people who are survivors of grief and loss. Sometimes I get over myself and reach out and find some surprisingly delightful person who is the perfect combination of safe and interesting, and sometimes I push my boundaries and reach out even when it's not comfortable. I’ve yet to meet a vacuum cleaner that I don’t dislike. Not even the $300 magenta ones.

Most of my posts are friends-only. I primarily use this space to keep in touch with my extended family of friends across the US and Canada. I like to think that even the few LJ friends on here that I haven't yet met are my actual friends. Before you add me to your friends list please introduce yourself to me. I like to keep my friends list quite limited, so I might not add you back even if you've got some of this goin' on:
1) we know each other in real life
2) we have mutual friends
3) you are a fabulous & radical queer
4) we have a lot in common on our profiles
5) your artwork blows my mind and/or your crafts inspire me.

I hope you'll respect that.

lingerie is love
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Before you read my journal, please look at this handy website.
---> READ ME

I adopted a cute lil' pirate fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Interests (144):

abortion rights, activism, agent provocateur, alexander henry fabrics, anchor tattoos, asian cuisine, asymetrical hair cuts, australian shepherds, bdsm, being honest, birth options, bleeding, bootblacks, building commmunity, butch/femme, butches, candida diet, cbc radio, childbirth by choice, chipmunks, clothespins, confronting femme phobia, consent, consenting perverts, cooking, corsets, crafts, cycle commuting, death, decorating, dietary fibre, digestion, diy without trendiness, dog hugs, dykes, early adopters, eating healthful food, emotional bravery, emotional peace, facebook, fashion, fat activism, feeling, feline body heat, feminism, femmes, fighting the system, fishnets, fisting, freaks, french fries with mayo, gender politics, genderqueers, girls, goaty goodness, harm reduction, high femme, high heels, holistic medicine, home ownership, home repairs, intentional communities, kink, knitting, ladyfest, lefty politics, letting go, lingerie, loving, making art, making tea pots, menstrual health, michigan womyn's music festival, midwifery, mwmf, naturopathy, no shame, organic food, outlaws, painting, perennial gardening, perineal massage, pin up girls, play piercings, playing dress-up, polyamory, pottery, pretty things, primary partership with myself, pro-choice, punk, putting down roots, queer femme, queer rights, queers, quiet, quirkyalone, reproductive health, retail therapy, riot grrls, rockabilly, safer sex, salty food, sewing, sleeping, slow food, small dogs, smut, soy chai, speaking up, spirituality without religion, squirrel fights, squirrels, staying up late, stockpiling knowledge, subversion, sushi pizza, sustainability, sweet potato fries, taking photographs, talking, tantra, tattoos, tea, the human rights code, the keeper menstrual cup, the politics of hiv/aids, the smell of beeswax, third-wave feminism, throwing parties, trans-feminism, transwomen inclusion, triangle trash, urban cycling, vibrators, vintage bicycles, vitamins, walking in stilettos, wearing galoshes, wearing skirts while biking, women, womyn, wrestling in public, yoga
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